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Q: Why did Sophia Lucia quit dance moms?
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Does anyone quit dance moms?

ViVi-Anne quit and so did Kendall.

Did Tom Green quit Dance Acadmey?


When did Abby Lee Miller quit dance moms?

Abby Lee Miller is 46 years old

Do the iconic boyz still dance at icon dance complex?

Yes vinny and tony no longer dance there I'm not sure why tony quit hope that helped

What is the best time for breastfeeding moms quit breastfeeding their babies?

The best time for breastfeeding moms to quit breastfeeding is a personal choice. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding only for the first six months and then introducing solid foods while continuing to breastfeed until the child reaches the age of one.

Why does a shy girl who quit dance lessons still play Dance Dance Revolution?

She quit dance lessons because she is shy of other people. The fact is its not focusing on that she still dances. Its because she likes dancing just not with other people. She wants to be alone. DDR is a one player game and i asume she plays by herself so i hope that explains it.

What street is Abby Lee's Dance Company?

7123 Saltsburg Rd, Pittsburgh PA

Do cat moms search for their kittens when they are miles apart?

Not normally. Mother cats will look for their kittens in the area where she lives, but after a short time she will quit looking.

How can you dance without disrupting others?

So I really like to dance but this old smelly man is always like "Stop dancing like a retard!" He really needs to die. But is there like a quit dance anyone knows about?

Should you quit the dance team that you love because the coach is stressing you too much?

I really think you should stay on the team. If dance is someting you love then you shouldn't quit. The fact the coach is hard should give you all the more reason to stay put and work hard. Prove her wrong!

Where does chris trousdale live?

No, he actually lives in Big Rapids, MI. He teaches dance at Rhythmic Sky Dance Studio. it was true til he moved again he quit at rythmic sky he was my teacher

What is the retirement for a dance instructor?

it depends on the person and what their opinion is on when they want to quit or if they think they are still physically capable to carry on, my dance instructor is 45 and is suffering from lots of injuries and constantly has a limb or her back strapped up.