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Many of them did not feel safe in South Africa anymore.

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Q: Why did South Africans immigrate to Australia?
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Are south africans welcome to Australia?

Many south Afrians have made their home in Australia.

Why did Africans immigrate to the US?

The earliest Africans were forced into slavery.

What have South Africans brought from South Africa to Australia?

South Africans Smaties Fizz Wizz Nando's Pizza Lane

Can an shop assistant immigrate to Australia?

Yes, you can immigrate to Australia but probably not if you have no skills. Skills that are highly sought after in Australia are health, engineering, teaching, and science.

When did the French immigrate?

The French first started to immigrate to Australia in the post WWII period.

Why did the south africans imigrate to Australia?

South Africans migrate to Australia for many reasons. Some of these are : the increase in violent crime in South Africa, the job prospects in Australia and the similarity in culture between the two countries with respect to their shared love of sport and the beautiful sunny weather. Until recently it has been fairly easy for South Africans to emigrate to Australia on skilled visas however lately there has been a decline in the rates of emigration due to more stringent visa requirements.

What resons did people have to immigrate to Australia?

to get jobs

Why did Vietnam people immigrate to Australia?

Because they can.

Where do the Irish immigrate to?

At the time of The Great Famine they immigrated to America and Australia. Nowaday they immigrate to where-ever they want to. There isn't a specific place for them to immigrate to.

What is the most popular country to immigrate from UK?


Why did Chinese people immigrate to Australia?

Gold rush

How do you immigrate to Australia from UK?

Consult the Australian embassy.

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