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White southerners feared former slaves would try to encourage slave rebellions.

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Q: Why did many southerners cities and states pass laws to limit the rights of free slaves?
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What serious problem in the US led to the Civil War?

there are many different answers to this question. most would argue that it is the problem with slavery at the time. true southerners would say it had more to do with rights of independent states. most southerners were so poor they could not afford slaves. after a while, states started seceding from the union, and opened fire on fort sumter, thus starting the civil war

Causes American Civil War?

1) state's rights - the south felt like they weren't treated equally2) sectionalism - favoring one section or state rather than the whole country3) slavery - the south needed slaves for farming, the north was mostly industry so they didnt need slaves. most of the northerners (and some southerners) didn't think slavery was right

What city was ground zero for the slave trade in the 1840s?

By 1840 there were nearly 4 million slaves in the southern states. One of the major cities was New Orleans and Charleston had a huge slave market.

After the US Civil War what rights did African-Americans have?

Before, during and after the US Civil War the civil rights of freed slaves and free Afro Americans were severely restricted. Some States before the Civil War would not even allow freed slaves to enter their States. Rights of voting, marriage, holding certain jobs and other normal civil rights of the white majorities were not always the same as for freed slaves.

What was the genesis of the Jim crow laws which led to the Louisiana car act of 1890?

I am sorry but your question can't be answered. In 1890 there were no cars so there would be no act. Jim Crow laws took place right after the civil war in response to slaves having rights so the southern states passed laws to prevent the former slaves from equal rights in all areas.

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According to many antebellum southerners the issue of states' rights revolved around their right to?

For many southerners, the states' rights issue revolved around the right to own slaves.

What southerners called for to protect their right to own slaves?

Southerners called for states' rights and the preservation of the institution of slavery to protect their right to own slaves. They argued that the federal government should not interfere with the laws of individual states regarding slavery.

Did According to many Antebellum southerners the issue of states rights revolved around their right to a fair and speedy trial?

no, to own slaves.

How did the southerners feel about the Dred Scott decision?

Many Southerners supported the Dred Scott decision because it reinforced the rights of slaveholders to take their slaves into free territories. They viewed the decision as a victory for states' rights and property rights over federal power.

Southerners believed they were fighting for?

States rights and property rights.

Southerners believed that these tariffs violated?

their states rights.

What ratio of white southerners owned slaves?

In 1860, approximately 25% of white households in the southern United States owned slaves. This means that not all white southerners owned slaves, but a significant portion did.

What did Southerners believed that these tariffs violated?

The Southerners believed that the teriffs violated their states rights. PS. DeDe_swagg01 on instagram follow me.

Why did the southerners belief in states right hamper the confederate government during the war?

how did the southerners belief in states rights hamper the confederate government during the war

Why did the southerners have the right to find runaway slaves and bring them back to slave states?

Slaves were considered property in the same manner as cattle. The free states were obligated to honor the slave states' laws concerning retrieval of property under the policy of States Rights. The Emancipation Proclamation made the practice of slavery illegal in all states, and the legal practice ended.

What did the southerners justified secession with the theory of?

They said the original Union was a collection of states that had joined it voluntarily, and were therefore equally free to quit.

How did the southerners view state rights?

The whole argument was that slave states had the right to have slaves and the federal government didn't have the right to tell them they couldn't. This issue still hasn't been resolved. Only the subject has changed.