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Q: Why did sodas girlfriend sandy suddenly move to Florida to live with her grandmother?
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What has happened to Sandy How does Soda feel about the situation?

Sodapop's girlfriend, Sandy is pregnant with another man's child and moves to Florida to live with her grandmother. Like the other greaser girls, Sandy appears in the text only when the boys mention her.

Who is Sandy in the book The Outsiders?

Sandy is Sodapop's girlfriend. She is blond and has blue eyes. During the time that Ponyboy and Johnny are in Windrixville, she leaves for her grandmother's house in Florida when she gets pregnant with someone else's (not Sodapop's) baby. Is she a Socs?

Who was sandy on The Outsiders?

Sodapop's girlfriend. Sandy is pregnant with another man's child and moves to Florida

In the outsiders does sodapop get sandy pregnant?

Yes, Sandy is pregnant. that is why she turned down soda's proposal and that is also why she moved to Florida to stay with her grandmother.

What happen with sandy in The Outsiders?

Sandy was Sodapop's ex-girlfriend who was sent to live in Florida because she got pregnant. The baby was not Sodapop's, but he loved Sandy and wanted to marry her anyway.

Who was sandy as on The Outsiders?

Sandy was Sodapop's girlfriend

Is Mike Rowe's girlfriend named Sandy or Danielle?


Has SpongeBob was sandy boyfrined?

Sandy is Spongebob's friend, not his 'girlfriend'.

Who is Sandy Linter?

Sandy Linter was Gia Carangi's love/girlfriend.

Why did sandy leave in chapter 7 of the outsiders?

I read it, I think sandy left because of too much stress or just couldnt handle it anymore.

What happened to sodas girlfriend and why in the book the outsider?

Sandy moves to Florida because she doesn't want to marry Sodapop, and she got pregnant with another guy

Why does sodapop's girlfriend sandy move to Florida?

Sandy moved to Florida because her parents made her after finding out that Soda wanted to marry her. plus she didnt feel the same way towards him and got pregenant with another guy. what a tramp!!

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