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"Jeopardy!" fans wondering what's wrong with show host Alex Trebek's right hand - he's been wearing a small brace this week - can relax. Trebek had some "minor hand surgery" relating to carpal tunnel syndrome, a show spokesman tells me.

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He had surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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yes, two of them

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Another site said carpal tunnel surgery.

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cause he's gay

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Q: Why does Alex Trebek have a cast or bandage on his left hand?
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During Final Jeopardy, Alex Trebek stands by the monitor and reads the answer off of a colorful card that says 'Final Jeopardy'. Throughout the show though, he looks down at a stand in front of him. I am unsure whether he is reading the correct answers off of a computer screen or a physical card/ paper- but he does have a pen in his hand and you can observe him making corrections here and there. Prior to taping, Alex goes over all of the clues and the correct responses with the producers and the writing staff to firm up any possible problems with the material that is going to be played on taping day. Alex will also makes notes on his copies of the game material so that he knows what words in a clue to stress and also noting any possible alternate responses that may have come up during his meetings with the writers and producers. Any additional information that is mentioned on a particular clue after a response is given is usually written on his copies of the material by the writers. On Alex Trebek's lectern, there is a small flat screen monitor that displays the clue that a contestant has selected. As for the card that Alex has during final Jeopardy. The card that he holds has the final jeopardy category, clue, and the correct response including any possible alternate responses that the writers and/or researchers may have found that would be acceptable. He also has handwritten on the bottom of the card, the contestants score going into final jeopardy, the amount of that contestant's wager, and what their score would be if the response that the contestant has written should be either correct or incorrect. The noting of the scoring data is there so that if a contestant does make somewhat of an oddball wager, he can quickly announce the score without having to wait for operator of the scoring machine to change it on the contestant's lectern. As far as what he is "writing", he is only crossing out the clues that are already been selected so that he does not reread it in error.

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No announcement has been made about what happened to Alex Trebek's left hand, but it is known that he suffers from carpel tunnel, so that is a possibility.

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