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Because they need to have a secret call that all donkeys can hear to tell other donkeys how easy it will be to breake into your house

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Q: Why does a donkey say he haw?
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What sound does donkey makes?


What is cries from a donkey?

A Hee Haw! :)

What is the name of the sound a donkey?

The sound of a donkey is EEEeEeEeEEeOOOONNnkKkHHHh.

Why do cowboy say Yee-haw every single second of the day waving their hats in the air?

The phrase "Yee-haw" is said to originate from the sound that Donkey's often make.

The working environment of an nba player?

Donkey hee-haw

What sound make a donkey?

The name of what they do is 'bray'. It sounds like a HEE-haw.

What does a donkey normally say?

donkeys cant speak It is true donkeys can't speak as a human does, but they can still communicate by braying. In cartoons and stories the donkey's braying is depicted as a "heehaw" sound.

What makes a donkey hee haw?

Donkeys are social animals, and do not like to live alone. Donkeys bray or 'hee haw' expecting another donkey's bray in response. They might also be trying to attract attention, whether it be from a potential breeding partner or their master. Donkeys can bray for quite some time.

What noise does a donkey make?

Donkeys make a connected two-pitch sound that people generally describe as "hee-haw" with the "hee" more high pitched and the "haw" being lower pitched. However, National Geographic did a study that concluded the donkey's vocalization is actually more like "wee-snaw", but many people still believe "hee haw" is correct. it is hee-haw or wee-snaw

Does a donkey sound ee aw?

Yes, a donkey does make a sound that sound similar to the letters 'ee aw'. It can sometimes sound like 'hee haw' as well.

What is a donkey basketball game called?

It is called HEE HAW Game! In Standford Wong flunks big time, they do a hee haw game. Standford wins of course! Standford Wong likes Emily!

How do you say donkey in Arab?

we say donkey in Arab "Hemar"