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It was surprising because Dally was a greaser.

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Cherry admires him. He does anything he wants, when he wants which she wishes she could do. Plus he has that dangerous bad boy thing going on.

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Q: Why does cherry say she could fall in love with dally Winston in The Outsiders?
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Who does Dallas Winston flirt with in The Outsiders?

Dally flirts with Cherry Valance at the Nightly Double (the movies).

What is Dally's full name in The Outsiders?

Dallas Winston

What was Dallas Winston' s nickname in the Outsiders?


What is the outsiders dally winstons real name?

Dallas Winston

Why does dally from the outsiders look sick when he was talking to Cherry and Marcia?

because johnny tells him to stop and talks back to him and knowone ever talks back to dalis winston'

Did Dally have a crush on Cherry?

no; cherry had a crush on dally. in the book she said "i hope i never see dallas Winston again or I'll fall in love with him." (oh and dally thought cherry hated him.)

Who is dolly in The Outsiders?

Dally Winston is a member of the Greasers the Tough one

Who said Don't worry it ain't loaded from the outsiders?

Dallas Winston

What are the names of the girls in The Outsiders?

There are two groups of people in The Outsiders. Socs, and Greasers. The Greasers are Ponyboy, Sodapop "Soda", and Darryl "Darry" Curtis, Keith "Two-Bit" Matthews, Dallas "Dally" Winston, Johnny Cade, and Steve Randall. The Socs are Randy Anderson, Sherri "Cherry" Valance, Bob Sheldon, and Marcia

Is dally the girl in the greasers?

Ummm… If your talking about the book The Outsiders, then no. Dally is a greaser, and maybe your thinking of Cherry Valence.

Who through a Coke in Dallys face in the Outsiders?

Dally is one of the toughest gang members of the greasers gang.

In the book the outsiders who stopped dally from putting his arm around cherry at the drive in?

Johnny did