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Q: Why doesn't Mrs Gump have a first name?
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What was Forrest Gump's mother's name?

Mrs. Gump. Her first name is never mentioned.

What characters are introduced at the beginning of Forrest Gump?

The woman at the bus stop, she was not given a name. The young Forrest Gump and his mother Mrs. Gump, and a young Jenny Curren.

Was Forrest gump the biological son?

Gump was the biological child of Mrs. Gump (Sally Field) but Mr. Gump was mentioned only once, briefly, by the school principle. Mr. Gump was said to be on 'vacation' which makes it sound like there never was a Mr. Gump at all. It's possible that Mrs. Gump had a one-night stand or a former lover that was no longer in the picture.

What was Forrest Gump's girlfriend's name?

In the movie, she was only called Mrs. Gump. This is also the way she was listed in the cast credits. Mrs. Gump was played by Sally Field.

What is troy Bolton's mom's name in hsm?

she doesnt have a name people her name is mrs bolton

Where is Forrest Gumps dad?

There was never an explaination about where or who Gump's father was. Mrs. Gump just said he was 'on a vacation'. So the viewer is left to conclude that he either died or deserted his family. There was also the possibility that Mrs. Gump was never married and Forrest was illegitimate.

Who is name is first mr or mrs?

Mrs. ... ladies first.

Who starred in mrs doubtfire Forrest gump gidget?

Sally Field.

What is Mrs. Hurst's first name in Pride and Prejudice?

Mrs. Forster's first name is Harriet. She is saluted by name in Lydia Bennet's elopement letter.

What is Mrs. Weasley's first name?

Mr. Weasley's first name is Arthur.

What was Mrs Beasley's first name?

Her first name was susan