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The signal sent to the TV must be a digital signal as well.

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2010-09-29 03:48:23
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Q: Why doesn't a digital TV with a digital tuner get a digital picture?
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Does the Samsung TV model number TSL3293HF have a digital tuner?

No. It's HDTV-ready, which means an external digital tuner would still be required. It's merely capable of displaying a digital picture, but needs the tuner to do so.

What is a dual digital tv tuner?

A DualDigital TV Tuner allows you to watch one digital TV channel and record another one at the same time. Also this can be used to allow the picture-in-picture function to work with two different channels displayed.

How can i watch tv through vcr tuner after the digital switch?

No, the tuner in the VCR will be the same as the tuner in the TV set and will need to be upgraded with a converter box. Keep in mind that the quality of the picture from a box is poor.

Does the tv have a built in digital tuner?

High Definition TV Tuner Built-In for over the air,Satelitte direct tv tuner added on for Digital.

Can I receive digital tv without cable service or a converter box?

Yes it's called Broadcast Digital Television. Does the TV have a built in digital tuner? A Digital Tuner receives Digital Broadcast Television. The menu will show if the TV has a built in Broadcast Digital TV tuner.

Does this TV have the new input for digital cable?

It does have a digital tuner built in. This LCD TV has a built in digital tuner,so you can receive all digital broadcast.

Does the Sony trinitron srs tv have digital tuner?

No, the Sony Trinitron tube televisions with Sound Retrieval System (SRS) did not have a digital tuner. The tuner was analog.

Does the sony trinitron tv model kv-27s10 have digital tuner?

No, it doesn't. If a TV does have a Digital Tuner then it will say so in the menu.

Can a dual tuner TV operate two TVs?

No, the dual tuner is to make the Picture in a Picture function work.

Is there any Internet lcd or led tv with picture in picture double tuner?

The Samsung D8000 series are LED Internet-ready TV's with dual digital tuners.

Which TV has the best digital tuner?


How do you know a tv is digital?

If it has a built-n digital (ATSC) tuner.

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