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In the finale of Season 3 ( "The Pain in the Heart" ) it was found that Zach ( played by Eric Millegan) was the new apprentice of The Gormogon a cannibalistic serial killer. He was locked up in jail for the rest of his life.



He might have not wanted to be on Bones anymore.

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I am not sure if you are referring to why his character is no longer on the show or why the writers chose to write him off, I am not sure about the second one, but I can answer the first.


Zack (Eric Millegans character) became the Gormogons apprentice (a cannibal) in season 3, which resaulted in him being sent to a mental institution after confessing to involvement in the death of one of Gormogons victims.

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Q: Why is Eric Millegan no longer on the TV series Bones?
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