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Q: Why is love of god often equated with love of fellow men?
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Why love of god often equated with the love of fellowmen?

In the love of mankind has for each other, is the love of god.

What is Mars' mythological name?

In Roman mythology Mars was the god of war often equated with the Greek god Ares.

Which Egyptian god is equated with Poseidon?


Who does Christianity say about the highest power?

God is the highest power. Love God and your neighbor (fellow living things).

How do the ten commandments tell us to love?

Yes -- The Bible breaks them down into two categories: How to love God, and how to love our fellow man.

What is the message of poem voice of God?

The message of the poem ''Voice of God '' is that to love his one fellow's men is the best way to win God love

What is the responsibilities of love?

The responsibilities of love is to care for fellow humanity and the other creatures. By loving others human beings get God's love, compassion, and mercy.

Would a christian teacher be perfect in his faith?

No, a Christian does not teach because of righteousness, but because of love, love for the word of God, and love for their fellow man.

Is the name Daniel an Irish name?

No It Is Hebrew And Means God Is My Judge; however the native Irish nameDomhnall/Dónall was equated with Daniel, and often substituted.

What is an English word that derive from the greek word mars?

Mars is not a Greek word. Mars is often equated to the Greek God Ares and has no further explanation

What does the name Mar mean?

In Roman mythology Mars was the God of War, often equated with the Greek god Ares.The planet Mars (fourth planet from the Sun) was named for the god of war because of the planet's reddish hue.

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Why love of god often equated with the love of fellowmen?

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