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Q: Why is the relationship between student and monsterin her vision both similarto and different from the creator and humanity?
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What is humanity's relationship to chimpanzees?

very close because they are 99.5% human as i was told:)

What is Gods relationship to humanity?

Non-existent, there is no God Answer It depends on your religious beliefs.

What was the relationship of Christianity Judaism and Islam?

all of them believe in GOD. No difference, HUMANITY is the most important thing!

What does the final paragraph in Moby Dick indicate about the relationship between humanity and nature?

The final paragraph in Moby Dick emphasizes the eternal and cyclical nature of the relationship between humanity and nature. It suggests that despite humanity's struggles and conquests, nature remains unconquerable and will continue to reign supreme. The passage acknowledges the power and mystery of the natural world, highlighting a sense of reverence and humility towards it.

What is the theme of the Ender's game?

AnswerHere are some ideas:Games, the relationship between adults and children, compassion, ruthlessness, and Humanity.

What is the theme of Ender's Games?

AnswerHere are some ideas:Games, the relationship between adults and children, compassion, ruthlessness, and Humanity.

How has the dell laptop changed humanity?

dell change humanity and also give people the freedom to contact others in different countries. and to check to see what they are doing.

How has the view of the relationship between god and humanity changed in Mirandola's eyes?

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola believed in the potential of human beings to elevate themselves to a divine level through knowledge and self-improvement. He saw the relationship between God and humanity as one of possibility and aspiration, where humans could strive for a deeper connection with the divine through intellectual and spiritual pursuits. Mirandola's ideas challenged traditional views of a fixed hierarchy between God and humanity, emphasizing the capacity for human agency and initiative in shaping their relationship with the divine.

How many groups of Christianity are there?

Undefined. Every person is unique, as is their relationship with God. Humanity have a habit of classifying and labelling which is often counter-productive.

What did john Cabot to your humanity?

John Cabot is relates to humanity in social connection , because he travel to many different places and it effect in other many things like language and traditional !!

When was Humanity... created?

There is no definitive answer to when humanity was created, as it depends on one's beliefs or perspective. In a scientific context, humans are believed to have evolved over millions of years. In religious contexts, creation stories vary across different traditions.

What do anthrplogist do?

Anthropologists study humans and humanity - for instance cavemen and the way they lived and how we are different today