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that person is too shy

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Q: Why is your crush always passing by you?
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Who is ryou crush?

His Crush is Always Ichigo

How do you know your crush?

Your crush is the one that always smiles when your around

Did harmine ever have a crush on Harry Potter?

No, but she always had a crush on Ron Weasly.

Does a girl have a crush on you if they kiss you?

Not always.

How do you know that someone have a crush on you?

If he looks at you alot always wants to talk you hes got a crush on you

Is it true that once a crush always a crush?

No, you'll get over it. *You will move on in life and find some one heart instead of that old crush

How should you get rid of your crush when he is always around you?

Think of all the negative reasons about your crush and why it wouldn't work.

Who does supermac18 have a crush on?

Me! Supermac18 has a huge crush on me! we always see each other and he really likes me! he already proposed. thank you!

What should you get your crush?

Flowers and Chocolates are always a good idea.

What is the name of the force always trying to crush a star?


Why do you always have a crush on someone randomly and all of a sudden feel like a thunder shock goes through you whenever you have a crush in which you don't know why you have the crush?

That's just how it is honey:]

A boy is always asking if you're dating someone and then he finally asks you out that means he has a crush on you?

He probably has had a crush on you for a long long time!