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Integrity of nation patriotism

Integrity of nation

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How I join navy after with computer field?

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Q: Why to join Indian navy as engineer?
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After 10th you join Indian navy?

i want to join indian navy after passing 10th

M doing BCA can i join Indian Air force or merchant navy?

after bca how i can join Indian merchant navy

Are IES officers in Indian navy given navy ranks?

Those who join the Indian navy after clearing the Indian Engineering Services exam , join the naval armament branch of the Indian Navy but not sure about the ranks awarded to them. Even not sure about the uniform of them.

Can you join Indian navy after 12th?


Why do you want to join Indian army as an engineer?

s i want yo join in indian army ts my life ambition bcz to be proud in join as indian army

Can one join Indian Navy after engineering?


What percentage is needed to join the Indian navy as a general commander?

You cannot join the navy at such a rank. Promotions to ranks are earned

What are the qualificatoins to join in Indian navy?

Indian Navy welcomes all citizens with all types of qualifications at different levels of Organisation.

Can a merchant navy officer join the Indian coast guard?

no a merchant navy personel cannot join coast guadr but the reverse is possible..

Why you want to join the Indian navy?

I want to join Indian Navy because I am very passionate about defence. Also, since my father and brother were in this field I just wanted to serve my nation in my own way. It fulfills my two dreams. Firstly, serving the nation and secondly, taking the family tradition to next level - from merchant navy to Indian Navy.

Can a electronics and communication engineer get job in merchant navy as a chief engineer?

You can't join as a chief engineer, you'll have to do a cadetship to earn the rank of 3rd Engineer then will have to get the sea time (36 months) to become Chief engineer (usually takes 8 years total).

Can 12th commerce student can join merchant navy?

well gentleman ....all which is required is F.Sc or diploma of assosiate engineer in any technology but you can join as a direct entry cadet...