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Yes, there was one incident that Gandhi writes of abusing his wife in his autobiography. This happened when she refused to clean the latrine.

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Gandhi was abused because he took a stand against the British government, which was more powerful and which was willing to use violence.

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Q: Why was Gandhi abused?
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What was Mohandas Gandhi's child hood like?

bad very bad his father abused his vilently

How does the Gandhi's film relate to the concept of nationalism?

Nationalism is devotion to ones own nation. Gandhi lived in poverty, spent plenty of time in prison, fasted, was abused, and discriminated against, all in hopes of freeing his country.

What are facts about the Gandhi salt walk?

Gandhi Walked 240 miles to collect salt for a protest.He had reporters to video tape it.When he started walking he got followed by all the Indians that was watching him. When they got to the sea that they found the salt at they got abused b y the British Soldiers

Is feroze gandhi by birth an gandhi?

Yes Feroze Gandhi is a Gandhi, but he is not related to Mahtma Gandhi in anyway , he is the husband of Indira Gandhi.

What was Indira Gandhi's sons names?

"Harilal Mohandas Gandhi", "Manilal Mohandas Gandhi" and "Devdas Gandhi"

Who was Mahatmas Gandhi's wife?

Kasturba Gandhi

Who is the daugter of Rajiv Gandhi?

Priyanka Gandhi is the daughter of Rajiv Gandhi.

How many children did mahatma gandhi have?

He had 4 sons who lived to adulthood: Harlal, Manilal, Ramdas, and Devdas. Between them, they had 13 children.

Is James Gandhi related to Mohandas Gandhi?

no i don't think that James Gandhi is related to mahatma Gandhi because if we will see last name like Gandhi there are many Gandhi's like Indra Gandhi Sonia Gandhi etc

Who is the grandson of mahatma Gandhi?

rahul ganhi , priyanka gandhi vadhera,. varun gandhi

Do you spell it Gandhi or ghandi?

It is not Ghandi it is Gandhi.

Gandhi's is father and mother name?

Gandhi's father's name is Karamchand Gandhi. Gandhi's mother's name is Putlibai Gandhi.