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no because rin is dead because in manga chapter 424 kakashi says to obito that

"please forgive me because i coundnt keep your promise,i coudnt protect rin"

so it means that rin is dead so the answer is simple that kakashi cant marry rin

he have to find another girl:)

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Well, Rin liked Kakashi. Obito liked Rin. Kakashi, after destroying the Kannabi Bridge, cares deeply for his deceased teamates and goes to Obito's grave every morning in Obito's honor. Kakashi regrets that he wasn't able to protect them.

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yes as simple as a simple yes he didnt wanna tell rin for the sake of the team -_-

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No Kakashi is not in love with Sakura.

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Q: Will Kakashi marry rin
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Who is Obito Uchiha of Kakashi Gaiden?

== == Best friend to Kakashi and the one who gave him his Sharigan eye. Obito Uchiha was the teammate of Kakashi Hatake and Rin under Minato Namikaze. He was frequently late for missions as a result of what he claimed were random good deeds he'd carry out along the way. Obito often spoke without thinking, a trait that Minato considered a flaw, but was very impassioned and persuasive in doing so. He also seemed to have had a crush on Rin. During the Kakashi Gaiden arc, Rin is kidnapped by enemy ninja. When Kakashi is unwilling to go and help her, Obito states that those who do not save their teammates are trash. Obito goes to save Rin by himself, though Kakashi, touched by his words, soon joins him. During their attempt to save Rin, Kakashi lost his left eye as a result of taking an enemy ninja's attack for Obito. To protect Kakashi in return, Obito managed to awaken his Sharingan and killed their assailant. Soon after saving Rin, Obito is crushed in a rockslide when he pushes Kakashi out of the way. With their surroundings continuing to cave in on them and Obito unable to move, Obito gives Kakashi his remaining Sharingan eye as a gift. Kakashi and Rin are forced to leave him as the cave collapses, and Obito uses his last moments to wish he could have spent more time with Rin and the rest of his team.

Who is ren from Naruto?

Rin is (or was, I don't think it's been revealed what happened to her) the only girl who was on Kakashi's three-man team. His other comrade was Obito Uchiha, and his sensei was Minato Namikaze. Rin had feelings for Kakashi, while he didn't share them but Obito was fond of Rin. Rin was/is a skilled medical jutsu-user.

How did Kakashi learn sharingan?

Kakashi gets his sharingan from Obito Uchiha. You can see it in The Kakashi Chronicles part 2. After Kakashi had his eye badly injured by a kunai a large explosion traps rin, kakashi, and Obito in a cave. Obito pushes kakashi out of the way before he is crushed by a rock, causing Obito to get crushed. Slowly dieing obito gives kakashi one last request. To take his sharingan and protect Rin. Rin, being a medicle ninja, transplants Obito's sharingan eye to kakashi's slashed eye. Obito did this because he could never admit his love for Rin. He did not want her to die so he gave kakashi immense power,via sharingan. That is how and i hope i helped

What is the last name of rin?

Rin is the Haruno Sakura character for Team Kakashi (not team 7) in the Kakashi Gaiden or Kakashi Chronicles. Almost the same characteristics of Sakura.Name: Unknown RinGender: FemaleShinobi Class: Medical NinFaction: KonohaTeammates: Uchiha Obito (deceased), Hatake KakashiLoves: Hatake KakashiName: Haruno Sakura [Sakura Haruno (English Dub)]Gender: FemaleShinobi Class: Medical NinFaction: KonohaTeammates: Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha SasukeLoves: Uchiha Sasuke There is no such person other than the one on Kakashi's team.

How did Kakashi get the Mangekyo Sharingan?

He got his sharingan from Obito Uchiha After achieving Ninja Rank Jonin (jo-neen) He got a gift from everybody on the team.Obito never gave him one.Later Two Bandits come in the story.One sliced Kakashi's left eye and it was bandaged.They fought off the bandit until the other bandit Caught Rin and took her away to kill her.Obito wanted to save Rin but Kakashi thought she could get out of it herself.Obito convinced him to help.As they were retrieving Rin the place was going to cave in.Kakashi was hit with a rock and blacked out for a moment and Obito saved his life by throwing him out of the way and getting crushed with the rock.So as he was dying he decided to give his left sharingan to Kakashi so they can see the world together.So he asked Rin to do medical surgery to transplant his Sharingan to Kakashi's sliced left eye.So as he was dead Kakashii seeked vengeance on the bandit who did it.By having the sharingan It improved his chidori and killed the other bandit.Ever since then Kakasi keeps thinking... (I could've saved my friend if I would've died) ((acctualy Kakashi's eye aren't hurt before he leaves Obito to go save Rin alone, but is hurt when Kakashi comes to his senses and helps Obito))

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Who was Kakashi's teammate Rin from Naruto?

Rin was a kunochi and a medical ninja on Kakashi's team. Obito had a crush on Rin, but Rin liked Kakashi. Obito died before he could tell her how he felt. Rin expressed her feelings for Kakashi, but Kakashi immediately brushed it off. He thought of himself as scum, and just wanted to complete the mission. It has been established that Rin died, from what Kakashi has said in manga 425, but how she died remains unknown.

Information on Rin from Kakashi Gaiden?

Rin was on Kakashi, Obito and Minato's team, she was their medic nin and was the one who transplanted Obito's remaining eye into Kakashi. For more info read this:

Who is rin of Naruto Shippuden?

Rin was the teammate of Hatake Kakashi. She is presumed deceased, as Kakashi has said that all of his friends were dead.

Does Kakashi like rin?

well i think he only likes her as a friend and no more than that.

Why does Rin admire Kakashi?

Because Kakashi was kind of dark and mysterious kind of like sasuke was like to sakura. rin liked that about kakashhi

Who did rin like in naruto Shippuden?


Who help Uchiha obito?

Kakashi and Rin.

How does Kakashi's old teamate Rin die?

No she continues on but in a different team than kakashi.

Does rin love Kakashi?

Yes, but she is dead..

What happened to rin after Kakashi gaiden?

It is assumed that Rin is dead because at one point Kakashi says, "I am going to join Obito and Rin" or something to that extent. No one knows how she died because it is never mentioned.

How did Kakashi get obito's sharingan?

During on of the Great ninja wars (probably the 3rd) little kakashi and his team were on a mission with their sensei Minato Namikaze. This day also happened to be when Kakashi was promoted to jonin, so his whole team gave him presents except Obito. Obito, Rin, and Kakashi were sent on a separate mission and were going to meet up with Minato later on. Kakashi and Obito got into a fight about which ninjas were the scum of the world. Obito and Rin were ambushed Rin was captured and Obito was saved by Kakashi. Kakashi lost his left eye while trying to save Obito, and Obito finally awakened his sharingans. The duo then rescued Rin, but then while they were escaping the enemies jutsu caused the rocky surroundings to fall. With Kakashi's new blind spot, he was hit by a rock and was going to be squashed by a rock when Obito shoved him aside to take his place. Obito's right side of his body was completely crushed and he was slowly dying. As his gift to Kakashi he gave Kakashi his sharingan to replace Kakashi's bad eye. Rin transplanted the eye, and then Kakashi and Rin were forced to leave.

What happened to Rin?

in one of the episodes, kakashi said that everyone close to him has died. he also said that he couldn't keep his promise to obito. rin has probably died. It has been confirmed that Rin is dead. When Kakashi was dying, he saw his deceased friends and team mates, Rin among them, confirming her death.