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Sure it will work as the same but if we have a exact site on it it will differ a little

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Q: Will a refilled copier cartridge work as well as a new purchased OEM Canon PC 428 copier cartridge?
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How much does a toner cartridge for a Canon copier cost?

How much a toner cartridge for a Canon copier costs varies depending on the type of copier. The toner cartridge for a Canon 106 black copier costs $155, for example.

Where can someone get a Canon color ink cartridge refilled?

Someone can get a Canon colour ink cartridge refilled from a number of companies such as Amazon. Amazon sells various ink refill kits for numerous colour printers.

What are some of the specifications of the Canon 106?

The Canon 106 is black copier toner cartridge for use in the Canon MF6500 series Laser Multifunction Copier. It offers a single cartridge providing better print quality, it is packed using a special system to ensure it is in perfect condition and it prints over 5,000 pages with 5% coverage.

What kind of warranty can one get with a new Canon D320 copier?

Regardless of where the camera is purchased (Amazon, Best Buy, the Canon distributer, etc.), a one-year limited warranty is offered with a new Canon D320 copier.

What average price do canon copier toner cartridges have?

The average price of Canon's copier toner cartridge varies. Lower end Canon model's can have toners in the 30 dollar price range. Higher end models can have toner as expensive as 380 dollars.

What are the main features of a Canon BCI21?

A Canon BCI21 is a black inc cartridge. A Canon BCI21 is a printer toner, in which is Canon compatible. Canon BCI21 can be purchased online. There were no ratings on this site for the BCI21 black inc cartridge. The website where I found this information listed no retail location where this product can be purchased.

Where can one purchase Canon PG40 cartridge?

There are a number of retailers one can purchase a Canon PG40 cartridge from. They can be purchased from Walmart or online from Amazon, ebay and Flipkart.

How much is a cannon copier in Michigan?

The price of a canon copier in Michigan depends on the store it is purchased at. Check out prices at Target and Walmart, and even on sites such as Amazon.

Where can Canon laser cartridges be purchased?

One can purchase Canon laser cartridges from a number of retailers online. They can be purchased from 'Amazon', 'ebay', 'Cartridge People' and 'Cartridges Direct'.

How do you replace toner cartridge on a Canon PC745 copier?

It is an all in one imaging unit (Canon E-40)...drum & developer/toner are in one cartridge. you just open the shell of the machine and the unit slides out towards you on the display side of the machine.

How much does it cost to purchase a Canon Pixma Cartridge ink?

The price for a Canon Pixma ink cartridge will vary depending on where it is purchased. The price averages about $15 for a single cartridge. Discounted prices may be found on eBay.

What are the main features of a Canon CL41?

The Canon CL41 is an ink cartridge. It allows one to print documents, letters etc in fine quality and color with sharp, smooth graphics. The cartridges can be refilled.

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