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No it will not

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Q: Will an original playstation paddle work with a ps2?
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Can you play PlayStation 2 game on PlayStation?

No the games for the PS2 do not work on the original PlayStation that the PS2 replaced

Will a driver 2 work on the ps2?

Yes, if it is an original playstation game or PS2 game.

Can you play a xbox game on your PS2?

No. Only the original PlayStation games are formatted to work on a PS2, besides normal PS2 games of course.

Can you please original playstation games on the ps2?

You can "play" PS games on the PS2

I know the Point Blank 3 game is compatible on the PlayStation 2 but are the original GunCon Namco guns compatible too or do I have to get a PS2 compatible gun and if I do will that work for the game?

Yes the original guncon will work on the ps2.

Is ps2 software free at the PlayStation store?

No the PS2 games are not free at the Playstation Store and they are not the original PS2 games but are reworked to Play on PS3 consoles

Can a PlayStation 2 game work on a PlayStation 1?

No a PS2 game is not going to work on a PS1. The PS2 games are DVDs and the PS2 is more advanced

Can ps2 AV cables work with PS1?

Yes. They are compatible with a PlayStation 2 console, However they are lesser quality then an original AV Cable with PS2.

PlayStation 3 games work for PlayStation 2's?

No they do not work in a PS2

Can a PS Game work on a PS2?

Yes, playstation games work on ps2's.

Do PlayStation 2 emulators work?

It is possible to use a PlayStation 2 emulator to play PS2 games on your computer. It is only legal to do if you own an original copy of the game.

Do PlayStation two games work on the PlayStation one?

no, but you can play playstation 1 games on a ps2