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I'm not sure yet, but iff you look at the Star Wars the clone wars trailer for series two there's a quick snap of Cad Bane WEARING Denal's amour in a ship trying to get away. It's your opinion.

Really you need and wait and See for your self.

in cargo of doom you see sgt denal get on to the shuttle and he has a deeper voice so cad bane might be in in denals armor

Denal was mistaken for death and while the ship was blowing up he was shot in the right upper torso and fell he then ran and found an escape pod and landed on Courascant. Hope this helps. From what I know he lives.

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Maybe so, all that I know that clone trooper denal does not die in season two! Because I did so research on Wookiepedia and clone trooper denal becomes a COMANDER! And becoming a comander takes a while and so he'll probelely be a comander by the end of the clone wars season SIX!(6) All I think is that Denal just gets ambushed, and I belivie that Cad bane toke clone trooper denal's uniform(amour/gear). To be really really really truthful, just wait and see. By the way, check out Wookiepedia for more infomation, and find out how denal becomes a commander...

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No he dies in episode 6 (return of the jedi)

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Q: Will clone trooper denal die in the clone wars?
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Does clone trooper denal die in the clone wars?

I really don't know for sure. At the end of the episode "Cargo of Doom," Denal's voice sounded like it wasn't a clone. And then in the beginning of the next episode, "Children of the Force," it was revealed that Cad Bane disguised himself as Denal. Personally, I think the real Denal died when the Separatist frigate exploded in "Cargo of Doom."

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Koho probably did die, either by Cad Bane killing him like Denal or knocking him out and the ship exploding with Koho in it.

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he gets killed by bane

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No, he does not I have not seen the whole Season 5 but he is probably busy in that Season after all he is an ARC trooper. He is in a Season 6 trailer and that means he couldn't have died.

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