Will kikyo die

Updated: 11/4/2022
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No. Kikyo is not evil. She wants revenge for believing Inuyasha betrayed her. She finds out it was Naraku and is trying to find her own way to kill him, which usually blows back in her face.

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yes, but im not sure if she comes back. in episode 117 inuyasha was set up and kagome was kiddnaped. In the end inuyasha saves kagome. so kikyos death was a destaction

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Q: Will kikyo die
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Where did the word Kikyo originate?

Kikyo is the name of a character from the anime InuYasha. The character is named after the Balloonflower which means 'unchanging love', a comment on the relationship between Kikyo and Inuyasha.

Does kikyo like naraku?

Yes, but only because he has the heart Onigumo; the heart that halts Naraku from killing Kikyo. But by episode 124-Farewell, Kikyo, My Beloved; Naraku managed to get rid of Onigumo's human heart and was able to kill Kikyo.

Why does it take so long for Inuyasha to decide he loves Kagome not Kikyo?

inuyasha has known kikyo for over 50 years. he just met kagome and has to get use to her. when he found out that she was kikyo's reincarnation he payed her more respect and what not.

Is there an episode where kikyo and sesshomaru battle?

No there is not,sorry

Is't Inuyasha still love Kikyo?

becuz 50 years ago they were in love and they got tricked in to hating each other and inuyasha wants to kill naraku 4 that! dont u think that he would stop wanting to kill naraku if he didnt love kikyo... inuyasha will always have feelings for kikyo... and kagome is kikyo... think about it... she is... not the crazy hateful part but she has all the rest of kikyo in her... kagome is the soul of kikyo... kikyo's reincarnation! n other words... he loves kagome because she has always been there 4 him... he loves kikyo because she was the only one (back 50 years ago) who cared 4 him other than his mother! if u dont get it read it alot of times! i typed this from the heart

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Does kikyo die?

yes she did

Does kikyo die in inuyasha?


Does inuyasha ever get over kikyo?

No, he chooses Kagome. Kikyo's not really alive--she lives off the souls of other people's --and Kagome makes more sense, anyway. Also, Kagome and Kikyo are very different people, regardless of Kagome being Kikyo's reincarnation .But...yes, Inuyasha chooses Kagome, he loves her for who she is anyway--not for Kikyo. Ep 47-48 he chooses to be with Kikyo, but that doesn't happen, because Kikyo will die and Kagome is ended up to be with Inuyasha, and Inuyasha and Kagome were born for eachother not Inuyasha and Kikyo. Although Inuyasha does love Kikyo, but also Kagome.

Does kagome hate kikyo?

Some say no and some say yes, but the truth is that Kikyo took some life force out of Kagome to survive herself. Kikyo has attempted many times to kill Kagome, although when Kikyo was dying by drowning in a pool of miasma, it was Kagome who saved her by risking her own life and Kikyo walked away without thanking her. So I would say yes, due to the fact that Kikyo is always trying to kill her, regardless that Kagome is her reincarnation. ~Yes, Kikyo hates her.~ And kagome saved kikyo from the priestess sealier, without kagome there her souls would be dryed up and she will die again!!

Does kikyo die for good?

well she already is dead but is brought back to life...later she tries to kill naroku but she loses you think she dies but kagme finds her and saves her kikyo my favorite character

What is the name of Kikyo's theme song?

Kikyo's theme is simply called "Kikyo's Theme." She also has various other themes, including "Kagome and Kikyo," "Girl and Kikyo" and "Psychic Kikyo." These tracks can be found on the various Inuyasha TV , theatrical film (movie) and The Final Act (Inuyasha: Kanketsuhen) soundtracks.

Does kikyo love sango?

no kikyo doesnt love sango plus sango love miroku and kikyo loves inuyasha

Does Inuyasha has feelings her kikyo?

yes inuyasha loves kikyo and he can't stop thinking adout her also he alway's protect lady kikyo

Does anyone in inuyasha die besides Naraku or Kikyo?

All of Naraku's incarnations, as well as many villagers.

Did inuyacha marry kikyo?

Inuyasha didnt marry kikyo inuyasha marries kagome

What are the ratings and certificates for Kikyo - 2004?

Kikyo - 2004 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp

How tall is inuyasha kikyo and kagome?

InuYasha is 5'6 Kikyo is 5'2 Kagome is 5'1