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There is a Supernatural Soundtrack from Seasons 1-5 available on

It isn't the amazing classic Rock Music you hear from the show, but the background music and other effects you willl hear in those seasons. Youtubers and SPN fans have complied YouTube playlists of songs throughout the seasons. Supernatural Wiki also has the song listing per season.

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Seeing as it took a lot of convincing to even make a supernatural season 6, i do doubt that fact that there will be a movie :)

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Q: Will there be a supernatural soundtrack?
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Is there a soundtrack for 'Supernatural'?

Unfortunately, from my searches there is no official soundtrack for Supernatural. Disappointing i know. :) Fortunately on the Supernatural CW website you are likely to find a list of the songs for specific episodes.

In the show Supernatural season 4 Episode 19 at the minute 12.02 starts a soundtrack. Does anyone know the name of it?

In the show, Supernatural season 4 Episode 19, at the minute 12.02 starts a soundtrack; the name of the soundtrack is Come on.

Does 'Supernatural' have a soundtrack?

Unfortunately the show Supernatural does not have an official soundtrack. But does feature many songs. Search into google for list and it has like 350 songs featured.By another user: Many fans create SPN soundtracks and/or playlists and they're great :)

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What is the soundtrack for Supernatural?

Supernatural doesn't have a specific theme song but the music that plays during the credits and on the menu screen DVD's is an original score composed for the show byChristopher Lennertz and Jay Gruska. The song "Carry on Wayward Son" by Kansas is sort of the "unoffical" theme song since it's played in one of the final episodes of each season.

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