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give example of when consumer have won their rights.

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A case study of a consumer related to consumer awareness

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Q: A case study of a consumer related to consumer awareness?
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Case study on consumer awareness?

A case study on the violation of the consumer rights can be a good case study on consumer awareness.

Recent case study on consumer protection act with a verdict?


What type of consumer is a shrimp?

The shrimp is a primary consumer. That means that it eats the producer first, then the secondary consumer eats the primary consumer, which in this case is the shrimp.

In which case is someone being consumer?

Jamal is listening to some music that he just bought

What are the importance of consumer movement?

The importance of consumer movement is to protect consumer rights. Importance of consumer movement can be studied with the help of the following points:- (1) Protection from Unsafe Products: An important object of consumer movement is, the united fight of consumers against harmful and unsafe products produced by manufacturers and sold by traders. The examples of such products are medicines causing side effects, sold without any written warning, sale of stale products, etc. (2) Protection against Unfair Trade Practices: Businessmen do various unfair trade practices like overcharging the customers, using inaccurate weight and measures, selling inferior quality goods, resorting to black marketing, etc. Consumer movement protects the consumers from such malpractices. (3) Protection Against Pollution: Due to consumer movement, business organizations are under pressure to take the necessary measures to control air, water and noise pollution. (4) Bringing Consumers Together: It was very easy for business organizations to exploit unorganized customers. However, due to consumer movement, customers are collectively fighting for their rights. Thus, consumer movement has succeeded in uniting and getting a fair deal for consumers from the business world. (5) Control on Monopolistic & Restrictive Trade Practices: Many Laws and Acts have been introduced to protect the interest of consumers against monopolistic and restrictive trade practices of businessmen. (6) Creating Consumer Awareness: Consumer movement creates awareness among consumers and educate them through lectures, seminar, workshops, media, public meetings, etc. regarding consumer rights. (7) Timely Supply of Essential Commodities: Consumer movement has made it possible for consumers to form Consumer Co-operative Societies for production and distribution of essential commodities on co-operative basis so as to ensure their regular supply at reasonable prices. (8) Right to get After Sale Service: After sale service is provided by manufacturers and sellers to the customer even after effecting sales. Seller must provide after sale services in case of consumer durable products. The seller is supposed to undertake free repairs and maintenance of products sold during the warranty period. The awareness about this right of consumers has been brought through consumer movement. (9) Pressure on Government: Since consumers are now united, they are able to exert pressure on the government to enact various laws and introduce measures for consumer protection. (10) Link between Consumers and Business Community: Various consumers, by passing on consumer grievances, their suggestions, etc to business organizations are getting justice for consumers. (11) Legal Help: Various consumer protection associations helps the consumer to get their complaints against malpractices of traders, redressed through Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies or Civil Courts.

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Case study on consumer awareness?

A case study on the violation of the consumer rights can be a good case study on consumer awareness.

A case study of consumer surplus?

An example of a case study about consumer surplus is "Tataâ??s Nano: A Small Car with Large Consumer Surplus?". It was written by Akshaya Kumar Jena and was published in June 2009. The case study is about the concept of surplus in reference with the cheapest car in the world, the Nano.

Sample questionnaire on consumer awareness?

A sample questionnaire meant for carrying out consumer awareness would have questions to do with how well the people know about the benefits of the product. The questionnaire should also test the rights of the consumer regarding warranties and guaranties in case the products fail.

Where would I find a case study of consumer surplus?

The case study of consumer surplus will help in the management of the amount of products produced and availed in the market. Consumer surplus will often be cause by a higher supply than demand which causes the consumer to pay less for a product.

Recent case study on consumer protection act with a verdict?


How is business ethics related in business case study?

Business ethics is the study of moral whether it is good or bad, case study is mostly a case about an a organization or business and the answer must be ethical.

How to solve case study related to MBA cource?

The best way to solve a MBA case study is to follow the information presented in the course. Generally, the case will cover what was covered during the session.

How do you improve consumer rights awareness in India?

Along with every product a consumer buys, the Manufacturer should enclose a detailed literature of what right a consumer could exercise in case of a malfunction or unsatisfactory performance of the product. This will bind the consumer to know his rights so he could understand the Maker better(empathy) before he feels aggrieved.

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