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Most people would consider Taking Back Sunday to be an emo band (as well as a pop-punk and alt-rock band), but it is true that the band members themselves said that they do not consider themselves emo, not because they do not feel that the band has emo elements, but because they think that the band shouldn't be pigeonholed into one genre.

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Q: Are Taking Back Sunday emo and does the band want to be called emo?
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Is Taking Back Sunday a Christian band?

No, they're not.

What are the release dates for House Band - 2005 Taking Back Sunday?

House Band - 2005 Taking Back Sunday was released on: USA: 22 May 2006

What is kendall schmit favorite band?

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Is the band Taking Back Sunday anti christ?


Who is misha lazzara?

I believe she is the wife of Adam Lazzara of the band Taking Back Sunday.

How many songs does taking back Sunday have?

Taking Back Sunday is a rock band that has nine albums, starting with their debut in 2002 and going through a current release in 2014. Over the course of their body of work, Taking Back Sunday has recorded 79 original songs.

What is Kendall Schmidt's favorite band?

Incubuz or Tacking Back Sunday

Who did Taking Back Sunday replace Fred Mascherino with?

Yes, Andy Jackson is rumored to be replacing Fred Astaire. No, this is not true. Andy Jackson is TRYING OUT for Taking Back Sunday. He has not confirmed to be in the band by any means. Some kid overheard him talking to Fred at a Hot Rod Circuit show about TRYING OUT for Taking Back Sunday and this is what has lead to all the rumors. Matt Fazzi from Facing New York.

What us Kendall schmidts favorite band?

KENDALL'S FAVE SONG AND BAND ARE:the band is "Taking back Sunday" and the song is cute without the e hope it helped! also btr song, "Till i forget about you":)

Bands like taking back Sunday?

Brand New, Senses Fail, Saosin, Armor for Sleep, The Used... If you want to check out a list of bands, see: Lyrically though, I don't think there's another band like them.

What is Miley Cyrus's favourite band?

Metro Station, the Killers, Maroon 5, Boys Like Girls, Taking Back Sunday, Coldplay, U2,Nirvana!

Jesse lacey written taking back Sunday songs?

When he was in the band i think he co wrote songs with the original singer but after the 2 of them left i don't think so.

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