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yes they make the piece u play go higher

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Q: Are the black keys on a piano of any value?
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How many white keys does a piano have?

There are 52 white keys and 36 black keys on piano, what makes total 88 keys. Most of the modern pianos have 88 keys.

What is G- on piano?

Keys on a piano and notes on a staff are named by the alphabet A through G, and then starting over at A. Keys on the piano are black and white with the black keys organized in groups of two and three. The G note on a piano can be found by locating any group of three black keys. The G note is a white key found between the left two black keys of that group of three. There are 7 G notes on a standard 88 note piano.

How do you press an A-flat on the piano?

Notice that the black keys of a piano are grouped into two's and three's. The middle key of any group of three black keys is A flat. You would play that key and that note just as you would any other key on the keyboard.

How come the black keys on a piano can't be called naturals when some of the white keys can be flats and sharps too - such as E sharp?

None of the black keys cover any natural notes.

What is a black note?

A black note is any of the sharp or flat notes produced by pressing one of the black keys on a piano or similar keyboard instrument.

How many keys are they on a musical keyboard?

On any full size modern piano, there are 88 keys (36 black, 52 white). Full size electric keyboards, contain 61 keys (36 white and 25 black). Small studio upright piano's (non-fullsize) knows as gig pianos have 65 keys.

Are there any special sounds that the piano can make?

sometimes the black keys and sometimes the songs some play on their own.

Why do you have to close your piano when finished with it?

To cover the piano keys from any damage(s).

Do any of the black piano keys have their own letter designation in German music spelling?

E-flat is S, and B-natural is H.

Where is c key on piano?

C is the white key to the immediate left of any set of two black keys together on a keyboard instrument

Why are piano keys black and white?

The piano's white keys represent the tones of the musical alphabet: A, B, C, D, E, F, G. The black keys represent half-steps between various notes (sharps and flats). Together, there are 7 white keys and 5 black keys per octave, which together represent the twelve equally spaced tones of Equal Temperament. Originally, white keys were made of ivory (white), and black keys of ebony (black). But any two contrasting colors will work. Many old keyboards present the "naturals" (lower tier) as black, and the sharps/flats (upper tier) as white!

What do black keys on a piano look like on the sheet?

On sheet music, black keys represent the sharps and flats of regular notes, and look the same as any other notes you will see, except that the notes will have sharp or flat symbols preceding them.