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The keyboard and piano are NOT the same, for a couple reasons:

- The piano has a wider range.

- It is more real and acoustic.

- Better to practice on than a keyboard.

If you are sending your child to piano lessons, it is best to buy a piano. A piano will teach them how to sit correctly, and how to actually press the notes far better than a keyboard will. And most keyboard keys are smaller than the piano's keys are, so that is not a good thing, if they want to practice right. Also, when your child reaches a higher level in piano, pieces will require more strength and power. If you happen to bang too much on the keyboard, the keys will break and the electronic sound will be damaged in time as well. However, a piano can take that kind of vigorous aggression.

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he keyboard and the piano are very alike in so many ways. They sound great and easy to use. They could either be an 88key piano or keyboard or an 77key piano or keyboard. But they both do have disadvantages that makes them different from each other. A keyboard is a digital piano meaning you need to plug it to play it and you no longer need to tune it up. Some keyboards have excellent features like recording and midi that you can't get on a piano. But from experience, the keyboard doesn't have the same feel and sound like the piano. Anyways, keyboards are portable. While a piano will always have this great sound that a keyboard won't be able to copy. A new piano has keys that are equal weight and you can practice your skills in a piano far better. But because the piano is manual and has piano strings inside, with due time of use, it will be off tune. You'll have to tune it up so you can use it properly. Also it takes up a lot of space. Hope i was a great help.

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No. They are different instruments.

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Q: Are the keys on the xylophone the same on a piano?
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Are the notes on a xylophone the same on a piano?

Yes. All musical notes are the same (abcdefg) the only difference is the tone, or the pitch, and such. The xylophone actually is like a piano with fewer, but wider keys.

What keyboard instruments have metal keys?

Many percussion keyboards have metal keys. Some of them are glockenspiel, xylophone and vibraphones. Piano is not a percussion keyboard as it has a string mechanism as well.

How are a keyboard and a piano the same?

they both have keys

How are a typwriter and a piano are the same?

They both have keys!

How many keys on a upright piano?

88 keys on a standard piano, upright and grand.

What are the notes to fur elise on the xylphone?

Same as on the piano, except with the range adjusted to fit the xylophone.

What is Xalaphone?

a xylophone is like piano

How many piano keys are there in a piano?

There are 88 keys on a piano (52 white keys and 36 black keys).

What are the things that you hit with a xylophone?

The keys

How many black keys are there on a standard piano?

The standard modern piano has 36 black keys and 52 white keys. The same is true for full size keyboards. The piano is the most popular solo instrument in the world.

What is the name of a percussion instrument similar to a vibraphone?

Some instruments similar to the vibraphone are the xylophone and the marimba (wooden), the glockenspiel/Bells (metal) and the piano. All are keyboard instruments, and with the exception of the piano, are played by striking the keys with mallets.

What is 88 PK?

88 Piano Keys