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Radiology is the use of imaging to diagnose and cure ailments. There are over 5 types of radiology. These includes breast imaging, chest radiology, head and neck radiology.

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Q: Are there different types of radiology courses?
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what kind of courses do you need to take if you are going to a radiology school?

what kind of courses do you need to take if you are going to a radiology school??what kind of courses do you need to take if you are going to a radiology school??what kind of courses do you need to take if you are going to a radiology school??

What types of legal courses could someone follow from home?

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Are there online radiology training programs?

Yes, there are many radiology training courses online. You can find more information here: There are several online radiology training programs available.I would suggest checking out the program at .

What training is needed for a career in radiology?

diploma in radiology can be done after intermediate, pg diploma course after graduation BARC MUMBAI provides all these courses. Answer- Although one can make a career in radiology after doing certificate courses in radiology technology which takes around one year in complete but if you want to enhance your career in radiology field then you must get 2 years associate's or 4 years bachelor's degree. After completion of 4 years bachelors degree you can get best jobs in radiology field with good earning. ... any way.. it depends upon your career goal that what courses you should choose in radiology field.

What kind of qualifications do I need to be a radiology technician?

You will need to take a certfication for nursing and then for a radiology technician. You can take the courses at various technical schools.

Where can I get information on radiology schools?

The site provided can help you. They list the schools according to the zip code and city you enter. It has both online courses and in class courses

Are there any radiology technician schools that provide completely online courses?

There are several online schools that offer radiology technician courses. However to get a job as a radiologist, you still need to have hands on training to become certified.

Where can I learn to be an Ultrasound Technician?

There are many schools that teach Radiology. Usually your local community college will have Radiology classes and courses available so you can learn ultrasounds.

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What type of schooling would I need in order to become a certified radiology technician?

Radiology technicians can obtain degrees from local community colleges. There are also many online courses offered to become a certified radiology technician.

What classes are required for dental radiology?

To qualify for certification in dental radiology you need to already be a dental assistant or dentist. Typically, you'll then need 30 hours of continuing education courses to write the dental radiology exam.

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