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An unground pool can be 17 feet deep if you really want it to be. You must follow certain safety rules with a pool of this depth though.

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Q: Can an inground pool be 17 feet deep?
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How many gallons of water are in an oval pool 17 feet wide by 36 feet long the shallow end is 3 feet and the deep end is 7 feet deep?

To calculate the volume of a swimming pool go to the link below.

How many gallons of water are in a pool 17 ft by 35ft by 5ft deep?

17*35*5= 2975 cubic feet 1 cubic foot ≈ 7.48 gallons So, 2975 cubic feet ≈ 22253 gallons

What is the volume of 36' high by 46' long by 17' deep?

28,152 cubic feet

What is volume of cylinder 17 ft dia by 10 ft deep?

V = 2,269.8 cubic feet.

How many gallons of water are in a pool that has the dimensions of 17' x 13?

In a 17 foot by 13 foot pool each foot of depth would contain 1653.08 gallons of water. If the pool had a average depth of 4 feet there would be 4 X 1653.08 or 6612.32 gallons.

How many square feet are there in 17 feet by 17 feet?

17 x 17 = 289 square feet.

How many gallons in a 9' x 17' by 48 deep rectangular pool?

I'm guessing the 48 is inches, so it is 4' deep. The volume of the pool would then be 9x17x4 or 612ft3. 1 cubic foot is equal to 7.48 gallons. So 612x7.48 = 4577 gallons.

How many gallons of water are in an area 12 feet by 17 feet by 4 feet deep?

The volume is 12' x 17' x 4' = 816 cubic feet = 6,104.104 gallons.We have no way to know how much water may be in that volume.It might even be empty.

Would 6 cubic feet cover 17 square feet 3 inches deep?

17 sq ft * 3 in = 17*3/12 cubic ft = 4.25 cu ft. So 6 cu ft will cover it.

How many gallons of water are there in a 13' x 17' x 4' swimming pool?

The volume of the pool is (13' x 17' x 4') = 884 cubic feet = 6,612.8 gallons. (rounded) We have no way of knowing how much water is in it.

How many gallons of water are in a pool 17 x 35 feet that is 8.5 feet in the deep end and 3 feet in the shallow end?

Volume = (length) x (width) x (depth).IF the bottom slopes uniformly ... no flats or sudden drop-offs ... thenwe can use the average depth of (8.5 + 3)/2 = 5.75 feet.Volume = (35) x (17) x (5.75) = 3,421.25 = 25,592.73 gallons (rounded)That would be the volume of the pool, if the bottom slopes uniformly fromone end to the other. I have no way of knowing how much water is in it.

How many barrels of cement slurry are required to fill a 17 inch diameter well that is 1500 feet deep?


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