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yes, though in rare instances, such as Adam Lopez, who holds the title for the worlds highest recorded note by a male

in order to sing properly in whistle though it must be done without strain

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Currently no human has ever achieved that.

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Q: Can men sing whistle register
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Why does your professor whistle or sing when he walks by you?

That must be a habit of his/her. To sing/whistle while walking

What is the difference between a whistle and sing?

The whistle is in the air to your mouth The sing is in the voice to your mouth

How many people can sing whistle register?

i'm sure a lot but famous is Christina aguilera [AMAZING because she can sing long notes than whistle] mariah carey {INSANE} MICKIE RIPERTON {R.I.P REST HER SOUL AND BEAUTIFUL VOICE] AND ADAM LOPEZ

Who is the youngest person to find the whistle register?

all babies cry in whistle register when they are born. it is a natural bodily action the we are born with but commonly lose as we grow up. women can usually find their whistle after puberty because they use it when they scream. it takes much more effort for men to get it back because men don't usually make such high noises.

What can whistle but never sing?

A coach that has a whistle, a Tea Kettle

Do birds sing or whistle?


Could you compare Mariah Carey to Minnie Riperton?

Yes because they're both good in the whistle register. Minnie Riperton is Mariah Carey's influence in the whistle register.

Do canaries whistle?

Male canaries sing beautifully

Can budgerigars sing?

No, budgies do not sing. They chatter a lot, mimic other sounds, and whistle, but they are not songbirds and thus do not sing.

What is a similarity between a whistle and sing?

they are both to use your mouth

Female canary- bird sing or male canary-bird sing?

Either one of them can whistle or sing, if they enjoy doing so.

How can you sing in the falsetto register?

You cant!