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If your license is suspended, you should not be driving any vehicle, including a company vehicle. The company should not allow you to drive.

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Q: Can you drive a company vehicle with a suspended license Would I be liable if they still allowed me to drive?
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Can you drive a company vehicle with a suspended license What would happen if they allowed me to anyways?

If a company allows you to drive with a suspended license and you have an accident, they will have a nice lawsuit on their hands. You will also be held accountable because you are knowingly driving without a license, which is against the law.

Is there a difference between suspended license and suspended registration?

Yes. With a suspended license the holder of the license cannot drive ANY vehicle. With a suspended registration only THAT vehicle may not be driven.

Can your driver's license be suspended for not paying the balance of a loan after the vehicle was repossessed?

No. Absolutely not. Your driver's license cannot be suspended for not paying a loan or the balance of a loan, repossessed or not even if you get threats from the loan company.

If you are deemed incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle your license is suspended revoked or cancelled?

Your license shall be SUSPENDED!

Will my insurance company find out I my driver's license was suspended?

Of Course they check your motor vehicle report every 6 months!

Can you FINANCE a car while you have a suspended license.?

I have a suspended license from a DUI I got and I wanted to know if I can finance a vehicle still?

Can your license get suspended for having suspended tags?

Yes. If you are given enough tickets for driving a vehicle with expired tags to send your points over the limit you may have your license suspended.

If someone with a suspended license moves a friends car in the friends driveway and backs over a 5 year child causing an injury . who is in trouble?

the person with the suspended license will go to jail, the owner of the vehicle could also be held responsible if he KNEW that the driver was not allowed to drive. Even in a driveway, a person with a suspended license CANNOT DRIVE A CAR!!

Can you have a vehicle registered in your name if you have your drivers license suspended in the state of New Hampshire?

You can have a vehicle registered in your name. If your licence is suspended, you simply can't drive it.

Are there single vehicle storage policies for someone with a suspended license?

You can get insurance even if you have a suspended license, I would call an independent agent that represents multiple carriers.

Is it illegal to ride an ATV in California if your license has been suspended?

If your driver's licence is suspended, you many not drive any vehicle on streets, highway etc. Although if there is an offsite track, you may be allowed to drive there without licence.

What is vehicle code 146011?

All i know is that vehicle code 14601 has to do with driving w/ a suspended license.

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