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No. Justin's mom did not die

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Q: Did Justin biebers mum die on his 19th birthday?
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Did Justin biebers grandparents die?

justin biebers grand parent didnt die cause i saw them at one of his concerts. Who asked that .Did yours die

Did Justin biebers girfriend die?

no but his best friend did

What is Justin Biebers NFL team?

Justin bieber is a die hard eagles fan!!!!!

How did Justin Biebers girl friend die?

she never did die she went to the hospital

Did Justin Biebers dad die?

No, his dad did not die. His parents got a divorce.

Did Justin Biebers girl friend die?

no caitlyn did not die she is stil living but there not dating

Did Justin Biebers real mom die?

no, shes alive and travels with him

How did Justin biebers ex-girlfriend die?

i don't think she died...

Did Justin biebers dad die in the war?

NO! he is alive and doing fine!

Did anybody famous die on the titanic?

yea Justin biebers brother

What is a song Justin biebers cussed in?

Die in your arms. But it wasen't that bad

How did Justin Biebers dad die?

Justin Bieber's dad never died!!!!He is still alive <3