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Q: Did Randy Jackson Ever Sing With his brothers?
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What part did Randy Jackson sing in we are the world?

a verse

Did Michael Jackson ever sing in a groupe?

Yes he did, with his brothers and whaen he was older he sang with other people

Can Randy Jackson sing?

Well, he was added to the Jackson's to step in in Jermaine's place. As shown on a documentary of the Jackson's life made by Jermaine Jackson. Jermaine was lead vocalist until Mcihael took the place. So Randy could sing.

What did Michael Jackson do when he was small?

sing with his brothers

Who does Michael Jackson like to sing with?

his brothers

Did Michael Jackson's sisters sing in the Jackson 5?

No.Only his brothers

Who are members of the Jackson?

There was Jermaine, Tito, Jackie, Marlon and Michael Jackson and when Jermaine didnt sing there was Randy.

Did randy Jackson sing in we are the world?

Yes all of the Jackson 5s includin Michael sang In We Are tHE wORLD

Which brothers of Michael Jackson sing in the group Jackson 5?

All 4 of them

How did Michael Jackson get into showbusiness?

I think he started sing when his brothers started the Jackson 5

Did Michael Jackson sing Rocking Robin with his brothers?


Did the Jackson 5 sing My Girl together or did Michael Jackson sing it alone?

Most people beleive that Michael did it alone, but he actually sang it with his brothers.