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They have some photo's of Cheryl at Walker Technology College in 6th form block.

And in The 'Cheryl' Biography by Sean Smith they have a photo of Cheryl in Her walker School blazer

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She went to Walker Comprehensive School.

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Q: Did cheryl cole go to walker tecnoligy college?
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Which schools did cheryl cole go to?

She went to St Lawrence's RC Primary School and Walker Comprehensive School (now known as Walker Technology College).

Where abouts in Newcastle did Cheryl Cole live?

Walker and Heaton.

Who is the actress in Fore she was Mama video by clay walker?

Cheryl Ann Cole

What primary school did cheryl cole go to?

she went to st lawrence's primary school (newcastle upon tyne byker)

Did cheryl cole go to sussex house and school?

No, she went to Walker Comprehensive School in Newcastle.

Where did Cole attend college?

Walker Comprehensive School.

What is you like Cheryl Cole in Spanish?

Cheryl Cole. A name isn't any different in a foreign language e.g. My Name is Cheryl Cole.....Me Llamo Cheryl Cole.

What high school did Cole go to?

Walker Comprehensive School/Walker Technology College.

Is Cheryl Cole single?

No, Cheryl Cole is currently dating one of her dancers.

What colour is Cheryl Cole?

Cheryl Cole is white.

Who sings promise this cheryl cole?

Cheryl Cole?

Who is Cheryl Cole's husbund?

Cheryl Cole is married to Ashley Cole, the footballer.