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Yes, he sold 50 million records worldwide.

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2012-08-24 16:57:15
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Q: Did mc hammer go diamond in record sales?
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How many record sales does it take to go diamond?

In the United States, 10,000,000 sales are needed for a Diamond Status Record or CD

Did lil Wayne go diamond In record sales?

No...but slim shaddy did lol

How many artist have had record sales go diamond?

jay-z and the whole roc nation that's why they're always throwing up the diamond sign with their hands and saying ''it's the rock'' meaning they went diamond on their record sales and are now constantly bragging about it

Did jay z go diamond in record sales?

yes he did he went diamond on his 3rd album vol 2... hard knock life

Did 50 Cent go Diamond in record sales?

Yes "Get Rich Or Die Tryin " sold 19 million ,so I guese that make it diamond.

How any copies of an album needs to be sold for it to go gold?

The RIAA has established the benchmark for a Gold Record as the sale of 500,000 units (with 1,000,000 sales being a Platinum Record and 10,000,000 being Diamond).

Did Beyonce go diamond in sales?

No she has been multi platinum

How does illegal downloading effect record sales?

How? Well, are you going to go buy the record if you can get it for free?

Was vanilla ice the first rapper to go diamond?

No; Vanilla Ice's first album sold 48 million copies as of 2010. Mc Hammer was the first to go diamond.

Who is bigger Billy Joel or Rod Stewart?

They are estimated to be the same as far as record sales go.

Is a complaint against a real estate sales person or broker a public record?

Yes, you can go to the state's licensing board and do a search for the sales person's name.

What nicknames does Owen Hammer go by?

Owen Hammer goes by The Hammer.

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