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Radio waves are electromagnetic waves in the RF range of the electromagnetic spectrum. So yes they do.

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Q: Do magnets affect radio waves
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Do radio and television waves affect global warming?

No. Radio/television waves do not affect the temperature, but usage of radios and televisions definitely does.

Why does weather affect radio waves?

yes is does

When was radio waves first discovered?

In 1820 Hans Christian Oersted noticed that electricity could cause magnets to move. This was the first "discovery" of radio waves.

How can radio waves can affect the tsunami and earthquakes?

They can't. Radio waves are used to transmit information about earthquakes and tsunamis, but cannot affect the events themselves.

Do magnets affect the key fob?

No, radio waves do. So if placed near a device creating electric noise - radio, fluorescent lamps, computer, the key fob will try to answer which will drain the battery over time.

How do different obstacles affect radio waves?

Radio waves hit all obstacles the same, but the waves will differ in the distance of the wave and/or the object from the transmitter.

How do radio waves impact our lives?

Radio waves or electromagnetic waves affect daily life today in so many ways. They not only provide radio, but also wireless internet and cellular telephones.

Does a tape player have magnets in it?

Why do radio have Magnets

Does water affect radio waves?

Radio waves can travel through water, just like they travel through air. Radio does not conduct well through water, however.

Was the radio named after radio waves or were radio waves named after the radio?

Radio waves were discovered before the radio was invented.

Does mechinal waves have radio waves?

no, mechanical waves are not radio waves

Are radio waves transverse waves or longitudinal waves?

Radio waves are transverse waves.

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