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Come see where he lay

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Yolandra Young

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2023-04-05 21:08:58
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Q: Do you have the lyrics to the song come see where he lay by GMWA National Mass Choir?
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Who has a copy of the gospel songs - jesus lives in me sung by john p keeand Psalm 27 sung by the gmwa youth mass choir that i can download?

i certainly do. please pm me at my youtube page

What song by Rev James Cleveland contains the lyrics of do you have a closet?

"Come on in the Room" by the Georgia Mass Choir

What is the name of the gospel song that has the lyrics he waited on God?

Wings of Faith Mass Choir - He Waited or Waited.

What gospel song contains the lyrics they pierced him in his side he hung his head and died?

No Greater Love by GMEA mass choir

When was the Florida mass choir formed?

The Florida mass choir was formed in 1977.

Who sanged you don't want no trouble at the river?

There's a recording by Rev. J. C. Burnett Vol 2 1927-1945 where he preaches/sings 'I don't want no trouble at the river". Hard to figure out the song, though. I saw it on itunes. "No Trouble at the river" was written by James Cleveland and is sang by the GMWA National Mass Choir. It is on the CD entitled "Torchbears of Excellence".

What is the correct name for a group of choirs singing together Mass Choir or Massed Choir?

Both are used, but "massed choir" removes the confusion with a choir singing a mass.

When was Nova Scotia Mass Choir created?

Nova Scotia Mass Choir was created in 1992.

Who sings this song with lyrics as follows you have found some stripes that heal?

new jersey mass choir album hope of the world...title "its in Jesus"

Where can one listen to the Mississippi Mass Choir?

One can listen to the famous Mississippi Mass Choir online at last fm or jango for example if seeking quick access to the music. The Misssissippi Mass Choir is an American gospel choir from Jackson.

Where can I listen to Psalm 27 by GMWA Youth Choir?

"Psalms 27" is on the Gospel Music Workshop of America (G.M.W.A.) Youth Mass Choir's debut album "Win The World For Christ" recorded in 1989 in New Orleans, Louisiana and released in 1990 on Sweet Rain Records. The song was lead by Daryl Coley and Bruce Parham. The album is very hard to find, however the song is on YouTube!!!

What is a mass choir?

A mass choir is generally made up of several smaller choirs, performing together for a special occasion.

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