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lady is a singular noun -- The lady is late.

ladies is a plural noun -- The ladies are late

lady's is a singular possessive noun -- The lady's dress is dirty

ladies' is a plural possessive noun -- The ladies' dresses are dirty.

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Q: Do you use ladies' or lady's apostrophe?
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Where does the apostrophe go in the dresses of the ladies?

Ladies' dresses 'Ladies' is the plural form of 'lady'. The word changes completely in the plural (ie not 'ladys') so the apostrophe must go after the entire word.

How do you spell ladys lieu?

If you mean the toilet, it should be Ladies' Loo

How do you ladys' in a sentence?

I saw a lot of ladies in the mall wearing there purse

Where would the apostrophe go in the ladies bags?

After the 's' - the ladies' bags.

Where should the apostrophe go - ladie's or ladies'?

If you are talking about something that belongs to more than one woman the correct use of the apostrophe is ladies' as in "the ladies' clothing department."If you are talking about something that belongs to one woman the spelling is slightly different, although the pronunciation is the same, and you should write lady's, as in "I returned the lady's handkerchief."

Where is the apostrophe placed in ladies'?

A lady's watch was found. Ladies and Gentlemen! The ladies went to the restroom together. The ladies' meals arrived while they were gone.

What should be dress code for ladies for Diwali party organized by an Indian businessman at Dubai?

ladys were dresses and men were tocsidoses

How do you punctuate the term ladies purses?

The proper punctuation would be to include an apostrophe after the word "ladies" to indicated possession by multiple women: "ladies' purses"

Why ladies sits while urinating?

because my friend ladys do not have therefore they cannot aim where they pee like us men

When to use a apostrophe with will not?

you dont use an apostrophe in will not

What if the to ladies don't give you strength?

the two ladys dont give you strength you go to iron island and at the entrens someone is ther and he gives you strength

Do you use an apostrophe for culture's?

you do not use an apostrophe in cultures.