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piano and baritone and guitar

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Yeah, the guitar.

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Q: Does Katy Perry play any instruments besides the guitar?
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When Katy Perry got her first guitar?

Katy perry got her first guitar from her church!

What instruments are used in Katy perry's song if you can afford me?

Drum kit, classic and electronic guitar.... These are the major sounds...

What instruments were used in wide awake by Katy perry?

keyboards (three), drums and tambourine, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass (keyboard, not guitar)

When did Katy Perry get her first guitar?


When did Katy Perry started to play the guitar?

when she was 19

What instruments are in Katy Perry's song firework?

Violins and Piano

Does Katy perry play guitar while performing on stage?

Her acoustic guitar is a Taylor 814ce

What is Katy Perry's bass guitar player's name is?

Brent Paschke

What instruments are in part of me by Katy Perry?

Im pretty sure theres a drum

What age did Katy perry receive her first guitar?

At 13 by her parents church

What songs does Katy perry sing with her guitar?

she uses her gutair in hot and cold

What does instrument Katy Perry play?

She plays cello piano guitar and the baritone.