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No, Shakira does not sound like a goat.

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Q: Does Shakira sound like a goat?
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Is Shakira Good at Singing?

some people say she sings like a goat, but i for one think she has talent.

What is a cry of a goat?

Goat's, like sheep, say "Baah". The more intelligent way to answer this question is that goat's sound is called a bleat, as is a sheep's.

What sound does a billy goat make?

Sounds like a Maah noise unless they are talking to the girls then they are really vocal and snuffly.

Sound that goat make is called?

The sound is called a bleat. As to what the sound actually sounds like, that depends on the breed of goat. For instance, my french alpine makes a low hum that sounds like she is saying "mommmm." My Nigerian dwarfs, on the other hand, make a sound similar to that of a sheep.

Which word has the same sound as the leeter oa in goat?

The letter o has the same sound as the oa in goat

Does Cristiano Ronaldo like Shakira?

he said in an interview that he like spanish women, so maybe he like shakira but he's 25 and shakira is 33!

How do you describe a goat bleat?

Like a sheep does but lower and softer. The sound is called bleat

Is the vowel sound in goat long?

Yes. The OA pair in goat has a long O (oh) vowel sound.

Does goat have a long or short vowel sound?

The OA pair in goat is pronounced as a long O sound, as in boat and float.

Is Shakira's father Muslim?

yes Shakira is a Catholic she used to sing to the nuns in her school when she was growing up although she was kicked out of choir because she was said to sing like a goat. HAHAHA look at her now! she's amazing!

What is an animal that has oat sound in it?

a Goat....

What is the sound made by goat?