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Q: Does anyone have a copy of the CD Hard Reyne by James Reyne?
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A printed version of the worksheet is called?

hard copy or print out

Is a plotter soft copy or hard copy?

The output from a plotter is hard copy!

Is micro film hard or soft copy?

it is hard copy

What are examples of hard copy and soft copy?

hend riting to peper is hard copy and computers document file is soft copy

A printed version of a document is called an?

Hard Copy

Is hard copy is a term associated with printer?

Yes, a hard copy is a printed out copy of something on your cpmputer

Difference between soft and hard copy?

hard copy relates to information that is in phsical and tangable form, like a print out, on paper. soft copy relates to information on digital means, usb, hard drive email ect.

How would one describe hard copy?

A hard copy is described as a permanent copy, or a printed copy from a computer. A hard copy exists as a physical object. A hard copy is also called a permanent reproduction due to the fact that it does not change once it's been generated.

When was The Hard Copy Observer created?

The Hard Copy Observer was created in 1991.

What are hard copy items?

Hard copy is like a audio CDs and DVDs

What is a printed copy of a file called?

A printed copy of a file is typically referred to as a hard copy.

What is a hard copy of a work sheet?

A hard copy is a copy on paper, rather than just on the computer screen.