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Of course Arnel Pineda suit to be in Journey! Why would the band still made him even audition? Plus check out one of the interviews of Journey with Arnel. Neil Schon said, "Arnel has got such a strong tenor voice" and "We are looking for a new sound but still sounds original" So, Yes Arnel Pineda deserves to be in Journey!

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Q: Does arnel pineda suit in the journey?
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Is Arnel Pineda gay?

Of course, It's journey

Is arnel pineda Filipino?

Yes, Arnel Pineda is Filipino. He is a musician and the lead singer of the rock band Journey. Pineda was born in the Philippines and is known for his powerful vocal range.

How tall is arnel pineda?

Arnel Pineda (of Journey) is 49 years old (born September 5, 1967).

Is Steve Perry touring with journey in 2011?

No, Arnel Pineda is still an official member

What will arnel pineda of journey do after their world tour?

Journey will be making another album with him and probably another world tour.

What is the birthday for Arnel Pineda?

Arnel Pineda was born on September 5, 1967 in the Philippines. He became a singer and had several videos on Youtube. He was discovered by Journey and became its lead singer in December of 2007.

When was Arnel Pineda - album - created?

Arnel Pineda - album - was created in 1999.

What is Arnel Pineda famous for?

Arnel Pineda is famous for being a member of the rock band Journey. He initially had some success in the Philippines (he is Filipino and started his music career there). His rise to international fame can definitely be attributed to success with Journey, rather than his career in the Philippines.

Does Steve perry still sing?

yes, he does. He's realeaseing an album in December or January.

What are the names of all lead singers of musical group Journey?

Steve Perry, Steve Augeri, Arnel Pineda.

How much is the estimated net worth of arnel pineda?

Arnel Pineda's net worth is somewhere around $15 million dollars during the year of 2010. Arnel Pineda's net worth for 2011 to 2012 could be more, because of their successful sold out 2011 world tour. Depending on how much the journey is paying him, the success of 2011 world tour should boost Arnel's net worth tremendously.

Is apldeap and arnel pineda are brothers?

Yes and no. Apl had a brother named Arnel who committed suicide. His death is referenced in "The Apl Song". As for the lead singer of Journey, I doubt they are related.