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Passive income comes from activities that are not tied to the number of hours you invest. Two major ways have consistently worked in the past. You can invest capital into investments that produce current income. Buying bonds, purchasing income producing real estate. The other alternative is to build a business. The key is to grow the business so that you have other people who are working in the business and producing sales. They could be employees, they could be independent contractors. You make money based on what they produce. All companies that sell goods and services function this way. To reach $200,000 a year and have that income consistently come in year in, year out will take time to establish unless you already have a lot of money. Almost all the programs that people promote to get rich quickly fail for the vast majority who try. A few will do well as they are just taking money from naive consumers who do not realize that large passive incomes take time and effort.

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Q: How can you obtain 200000.00 per year in passive income?
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