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You look in the tabloid and find an agent. Then you call for a car to Studio Town. You entertain on the wooden stage or use the paparazzi. It will then show a picture on the career/skill screen. You must use that item, and so on.

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Who was the founder of Motown

The black soul anthem Say It Loud you are Black and you are Proud was written by which of the following artists

Berry Gordy Jr had a unique approach to artist promotion Which of the following statements best describes his method

What combination of instruments was used in early blues music

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first who would ever buy wii and you have no life

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get money hang out with cool people

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get sims 3 night life

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Q: How do you become famous on moviestarplanet?
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Is Moviestarplanet really famous?

no its not

How do you become a judge on moviestarplanet?

get vip dummy

How do you become vip on moviestarplanet without buying it?

you don't

How do you become a celeb on moviestarplanet?

You have to have 100+ V.I.P friends

What is Movie Star Planet bonnie code?

what is moviestarplanet famous planet

How do you moviestarplanet?

you dont moviestarplanet its a website. go on and make a file. ( im rocker8377 on moviestarplanet)

How 2 be judge on moviestarplanet without being a vip?

its not possible. you have to be vip for 90 days to become a judge.

How do you become a VIP for free on MovieStarPlanet?

you cant everyone that says you can for free is wrong so everyone shame on you

What are some virtual worlds where you can be rich and have boyfriends?

moviestarplanet is a great game to become rich and have a boyfriend hope you like it

What is a good Movie Star Planet with no surveys?

MovieStarPlanet is an online game in which players try to become rich and famous in the realm of Hollywood. As of August 2013 this game is free to join and play online and there is not mention of players having to take surveys.

How do you send coins to people on moviestarplanet?

It is impossible to send Starcoins on Moviestarplanet

Is moviestarplanet for teenagers?

Ages 8-15 are the ages that are supposed to be on MovieStarPlanet