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To dress like Hannah Montana, you need to be fearless and have wackful, crazy ideas and clothes! try on some awesome tops like glittery ones, flowery, rock prints, or graphic tees! Then, try on some fabolous skirts, skinny jeans, or sick capris! Or, you could wear a dress with an AWESOME look and print/design! Make sure that the dress looks like your ready to have a party, your on-stage, or that you are brave to show our own sense of style! Next, try on some awesome shoes that match the main colour of the top you are wearing! Finally, try on LOTS AND LOTS OF ACCERSORIES LIKE BANGELS, BRACELETS, SUNGLASES, HAIR-CLIPS, HEAD-BANDS, SCARVES, ETC! THE KEY TO THE OUTFIT IS THE BLOND WIG THAT YOU CAN BUY AT CLAIRES OR Walmart! But, to make the outfit EVEN MORE like HAnnah Montana, throw on a sweater, the best is leather, waist length, or mini! ENJOY LOOKING LIKE HER!!

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These ways are to look like Hannah Montana

- Blonde wig

These ways are to look like Hannah Montana

- Blonde wig

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She doesn't really pretend it's a fictional character made up but is a person ,and in the show she pretends because she doesn't want people to know Hannah is really Miley.

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Q: How do you dress like Hannah Montana?
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