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ALL the music used in ANY motion picture is copyrighted - therefore, by law, that copyright has to be displayed whenever the music is used - even original music that was composed and recorded ONLY for the movie by conductors like Thomas Newman and John Williams AND music/songs that are not present on the 'CD release' of the soundtrack (which are almost always only the most market-friendly tunes). If you want to know the name or composer of a song in a movie, watch the credits - and keep a magnifying glass handy - most times, copyright acknowledgements are written in the smallest print. DVDs are the easiest to use this technique on since not only can you pause the credits and read the acknowledgements at your leisure, but you can also zoom in on most DVD players...

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all of the songs that are used in the movie are in the soundtrack

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Q: How do you find a movie soundtrack song that is not on the CD release of the movie Dangerous Ground?
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