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here is a website with MANY options.

I play the one with

left hand: 1, 3, octave key

right hand: 1, lowest side key

hope that helps :)

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Q: How do you finger a G in the third octave on a alto saxophone?
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How do you play the f on the alto saxophone?

If you are holding the saxophone correctly, press the keys underneath your index, middle, and ring finger on you left hand and your index finger on your right hand. Use the octave key if you need it.

What are some alto-saxophone notes?

A typical alto saxophone can reach a B-flat one octave lower than its natural octave and a high F-natural (sometimes F-sharp) one octave higher than its natural octave. So some notes that can be played are A-flat, B-natural, and G-sharp, which are all in the alto saxophone's natural octave.

How do you play a octave key on the alto saxophone?

press down the octave key, the button where you put your left thumb, and play a note correctly.

What musical instrument twenty finger keys?

An Alto saxophone has 22 keys

What is the c flat note on alto saxophone?

middle finger on top four keys

How do you play a A on an alto saxophone?

For an E on the alto saxophone, you need to have your first, second, and third fingers down on your left hand, and your first and second fingers down on your right hand. If you want low E, leave it like this, if you want high E, then add the octave key.

What concert pitch is the alto sax?

The KEY of the alto sax and baritone sax is in Eb. The Tenor is in Bb

What is a 'e' on a alto - saxophone?

It depends a high 'e' would be the octave key the three first buttons and the first two on the bottom part. a low 'e' will be the same but without an octave key.

What are the notes on alto saxophone for I am glad you came?

what is the notes for i am glad you came on the alto Saxophone

What key is alto saxophone in?

An alto saxophone is in the key of E-Flat, or Eb

How many pads are on an alto saxophone?

23 pads are on the alto saxophone

What is the alto sax full name?

The Saxophone. Simple!