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Can you read tab? If not you should learn to. It's very useful Anyways if you can read tab here they are:

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This is actually a piano sheet music, but if you know how to transcribe bass clef to treble than you can do that or just leave out the base cleft of just look on YouTube.

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Q: How do you play happy birthday on the acoustic guitar?
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What are happy birthday notes for guitar?

Happy Birthday is a song you play for someone's birthday. You could easily find the song notes for guitar online.

What is the purpose of the acoustic guitar?

so most people want to play the acoustic guitar

Which do you think is easier to play an acoustic or electric guitar?


What kind of guitar does India arie play?

acoustic guitar

Can you play the guitar well without any wires?

The "wires" are called guitar chords or patch cables. And yes you can, if you have a guitar with an acoustic body (not an electric guitar, but acoustic or acoustic electric).

History of the acoustic guitar?

Here is where the acoustic guitar was invented and who invented it: Inventor:Antonio Torres Country it was invented in:Spain

You are playing a tune in the key of Bb what key will an acoustic guitar play in?

Bb. an acoustic guitar can play in any key, like a piano.

What is the difference between bass and acoustic?

When you play the bass guitar chord it is longer than the acoustic guitar chord and the acoustic is for country or rock songs

How could i make sentence with the word acoustic?

I like the way this song sounds when it is played with an acoustic guitar.

How do you play the acoustic guitar?

by plucking the strings!

What instruments does he know to play?

Acoustic Guitar

Does Justin bieber play electric guitar or acoustic guitar in most of his songs?

acoustic guitar. I don't think he ever played and electric guitar in his songs.