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go in the computer at your bace and press move!

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Q: How do you turn furniture around underground in your secret base on diamond?
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Is it possible to turn around furniture around in your secret base on diamond?

maybe, i hav neva tried it

Where can you find secret base in diamond?

you go underground and get digerdrill

How do you find other peoples secret bases in Pokemon diamond version?

You have to be linked with them with Nintendo wireless (not wi-fi) then when your both underground just follow them or look around till you find their secret base.

How do you use secret power in Pokemon Diamond?

in Pokemon diamond you can only use it in battle since your cave/house/thing is underground

How do you find a person underground in Pokemon diamond?

If you are referring to secret bases, then a WiFi connection is needed.

Remove boulders in secret bases on Pokemon Diamond?

You have to meet other people and take their flags in the Underground.

Can you get secret power in Pokemon Diamond?

no:) Eer... Right. You -could- get Secret Power in Pokemon Diamond, but I don't recall where I've obtained it. And I think you use it in the Underground if you have Wi-Fi. You find it in Amity Square. :]

How do you get a secret base in pokemon diamond?

first you need a underground kit from eterna city and do some kind of tests until you get to the test where you can make your secret base.

What is the rare item that Mr Goods gives you on Pokemon diamond?

He gives you a gym statue to put in your underground secret base.

Is there any hiding places in Pokemon?

There are secret bases in Pokémon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald. In Diamond Pearl and Platinum, you have underground bases.

Where do you get the bed for your secret base in Pokemon diamond?

u need to going to the underground hikers every day to see if he has a bed to trade you.

In Pokemon diamond where do you make a secret base underground?

you will need a DIGGER DRILL to create a secret base which you could obtain at any hikers underground, you need a sphere to get one. when you get one, go to the menu and go to TRAPS. then use the digger drill on the wall.................... your welcome.