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Reggae is a genre of music just like rock, jazz, or hip-hop, all of which sound different from one another. Reggae tends to feature a strong bass line, guitar strokes on the up-beat and a bass drum on the counts 2 and 4.

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It is hard to say what makes a certain kind of music "feel" a certain way because this is an emotional response triggered by our unique brain chemistry. For me, it's the combination of the often dropped "1" on the beat(think the drums from Roxanne by The Police) and the upstrokes of the chords on the down beat of the music.

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Honestly, it makes me feel more chill and carefree.

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Because it's there choice and we have the right to do that.

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the rythm of the beat makes it regge.

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Q: How does reggae music make you feel?
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What type of music was popularized by bob Marley?

Bob Marley's style of music was reggae, a slow and peaceful kind of music. It is also very soothing.

How can one star in their own reggae music video?

Reggae music was originated from Jamaica. The word "reggae" was coined around 1960, which means ragged style of dance and music. If someone wants to make his or her own reggae music video he or she must follow the main style of raggae music which is basically done by chanting and emphasize by syncopated beat.

What type of music does Bob Marley sing?

bob Marley sung reggae songs and was very famous for it.

What is a reggae skank?

It is a type of Dance you do to Reggae Music.

Would you like to know a little about Reggae Music?

Here i an article that i just did. It tells you a little yard style to reggae music. Enjoy!

What earlier forms of music was reggae taken from?

Most reggae originated from the slaves coming over from Africa , but blues is one of the main forms of music. Even today reggae normally has something to say i.e about love, drugs, politics and even how they feel about other artists

Lovers rock is a style of music created by slowing down what type of music?


What genre of music is Bob Marley?

roots reggae

Is reggae a food music or clothing?

Reggae is a genre of music. It is usually of moderate, laid-back sounding tempo. Reggae music often involves the predominant use of congas.

How did Bob Marley get into reggae music?

Type your answer here... he decided to get into reggae music because he is a legend :D

What kind of music did Bob Marley write and perform?

He played reggae music (that's what its called or the style)

When did reggae music originate?

Reggae originated in the late 90s into the 80s.