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Depends upon the needs of this kind of profession. It also varies from different countries.

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Q: How many Radiology Technologists get hired yearly?
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How many months to finish radiology school?

It depends on which radiology program you are talking about. Here's a chart that compares some of the more common radiology programs:

How many subheadings are there in the radiology section of the cpt?


Advantages and disadvantages of radiology structure?

Advantages: schooling is fast & you make good moneyDisadvantages:there are many fields.. and looking at people with the broken ligaments, where you can actually see the bone!!!

What are the top radiology residency programs in California?

UCSF (Univ of CA at san francisco) is considered the top radiology program in CA. It is considered by many to be the most competitive (although not "the best") to get into in the country. I'm not sure what those previous programs listed were, but they were not radiology residency programs. Perhaps they were radiology technologist training programs. A radiologist is an M.D. who goes through 4 yrs undergrad, 4 years med school, 1 year general internship, 4 years residency and likely 1-3 years fellowship (14-16 yrs post high school) whereas a tech is a two yr program after high school (some prefer a 2-4 yr degree first though I believe).

How many years to become a radiology?

If your looking for all the schooling one takes its about 4-5 years to complete schooling you might go to a community school if thats the case you might have to transfer to a different or stay at the college your at it just depends on the college your going to.

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How many pediatricians get hired yearly?

about 2 millioin

How many months to finish radiology school?

It depends on which radiology program you are talking about. Here's a chart that compares some of the more common radiology programs:

Radiology College- Start A Career In Radiology Today?

Radiology careers can be very rewarding. If you want to become a radiologist technician or a radiologist assistant, you should find a good radiology college. There are so many radiology colleges that you can visit online. If you enjoy working with doctors and people, you might want to consider going to school to become a radiologist technician. If you enroll in a radiology college, you will learn how to take x-rays, about patient care procedures, radiobiology, medical ethics, physiology, medical terminology, and pathology. You will also receive clinical training from a radiologist and learn how to use equipment. A radiology college will provide you with the education and tools that you need to start a career in the health care industry. Radiologist technologists need two years of training or two to four years in a radiology school. When you go to college, you can work towards an associates degree or bachelor’s degree. You will receive a certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and you must take continuing education classes periodically to remain registered. A radiologist assistant position is a higher-level radiologist technologist who works with a radiologist. A radiologist assistant performs radiologic exams, is involved in patient evaluation and management, analyzes x-rays, and assists the physician with certain procedures. Radiologic assistants must finish an academic program and a clinical internship. They must also be certified through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). In order to work as a radiologist technician, students must obtain an associates or bachelor’s degree from a school that is approved by the The American Medical Association. There are many good radiology colleges in the United States, so your best bet is to compare many schools in your area. You can find schools by searching the Internet and checking online school directories. When you compare schools, find out what the radiology programs consist of. Your best bet is to select a program that includes lab work and internships if you want to succeed. Additionally, you should choose an accredited university or college for your education needs. Choosing a radiology college is a huge decision, so take your time and compare schools in your area.

How many radiologists are there in us?

Radiology is a demanding job, and there are many radiology physicians employed in the United States. In 2008, 214,700 radiologists were employed.

How many Minnesota civities yearly?

how many cavities in minnesota yearly

What is a radiology technician test?

You can usually find reliable information about a radiology technician test on the university websites. Many of the online universities offer a radiology technician test within programs.

How many syllables are in the word radiology?

Five, stupid

How many subheadings are there in the radiology section of the cpt?


How many subheadings are found in the Radiology section?


What are some jobs for radiology tech?

If you've ever had an x-ray, you've probably met a radiologic technologist. But did you know radiologic technologists have many specialty areas of practice? Radiographers use x-ray equipment to produce 2-D and 3-D images of the tissue, organs, bones and vessels of the body. Some radiographers specialize in mammography, computed tomography or other types of medical imaging. Magnetic resonance technologists apply a combination of radiofrequency pulses and a powerful magnetic field to create detailed images of anatomy. Nuclear medicine technologists use radiopharmaceuticals and special cameras to produce images of organs and reveal their function.

Can I get a list of radiology schools?

There are many places to find lists of radiology schools online. Some schools offer radiology technician degrees while others offer a more specialized degree in radiology. The list I found is at the following link:

What type of schooling would I need in order to become a certified radiology technician?

Radiology technicians can obtain degrees from local community colleges. There are also many online courses offered to become a certified radiology technician.