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She has 16 sisters

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Kesha has no sisters

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Q: How many SIsters does Kesha have?
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How many brothers and sisters did kesha have?

She has two older brothers.

Is Britney Spears and kesha sisters?

No, they are not.

Are kesha and Avril sisters yes or no?


Does Kesha have sisters?

Yes, one. Her name is Anime Sebret, (her real name).

How many Grammy did kesha get?

Kesha hasn't won any Grammys yet

Who is kesha's friend?

Kesha would most likely have many MANY friends, considering she is a pop star.

How many kesha sebert albums are there?

Kesha has 2 albums called Animal and Cannibal

How many albums does kesha want to do?

as many as she can (:

How many hits has kesha had?

Too many

Does kesha have any brothers or sisters?

She has two brother Lagan, 29 and Louie, 10.

How Many Times Has Kesha Been In Jail?

kesha never been in jail i know for a fack

How many brothers does kesha have?